About Us
Our History,

Management Plus Realty Service was founded in 1984 to offer professional management services to Condominium and Homeowner Associations no matter their size. The approach was “hands-on”. We started out in a basement, on a floor with no file cabinets and a Tandy 1000 computer. Through networking, we began to grow. In no time, Management Plus Realty Service was known and respected.

The commitment to proven management strategies and a drive towards excellence has continued under the guidance of key employees and leadership within the company.  As a group, we continue to build on management strategies with a commitment to excellence in service making Management Plus Realty Service a continued success in the
Tri State area.

In 2009, Management Plus Realty Service celebrated its 25 year anniversary. Such success has only been accomplished by commitments from long term clients and dedicated team members. We continue looking forward to exceeding expectations for the next 25 years.

We have kept to our original intent of offering highly qualified and personal service to our associations while controlling our growth. Our purpose is not to become the largest company but a company that does well with what we have. By controlling our growth we can make sure our services to our old clients, as well as our new, is not diminished.  Personal attention & quality service.




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